Granting work permits to foreigners without diplomas, confirming work experience

02-06-23 MTParners

Currently, with the trend of a flat economy and the increasingly deep integration of Vietnam into the world, many foreigners have come to Vietnam to work and reside.

A business will find itself suitable foreigners to work for that business. However, not every foreigner meets the conditions for granting a work permit in Vietnam, one of the prerequisite conditions before a business uses foreign workers.

For foreign workers who have enough diplomas, certificates of work experience, it is relatively easy for businesses to apply for work permits for these subjects.

However, the reality records the situation that not every foreign worker has enough documents of qualifications, experience as prescribed by law. Therefore, businesses are very difficult, even impossible to apply for work permits for such subjects.

Based on the study of Decree 152/2020/ND-CP dated 30/12/2022 and their own experience, MT & Partners found that, for foreign workers who do not meet the conditions of qualifications, experience, businesses can still recruit and use these subjects if they know how to choose the appropriate Form of work and Title.

For example, businesses can choose the form of work Manager or Executive Director for foreign workers who do not meet the conditions of qualifications, experience. When applying this form of work, businesses only need to provide internal documents of businesses or licenses registered at competent authorities to prove the working status of foreign workers, without having to provide any other documents on qualifications, experience.

MT & Partners hope that the article will bring useful knowledge to our readers.