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18-03-24 MT & Partners

Marriage is not just the union of two individuals’ souls but also the merging of assets and responsibilities. In Vietnam, like many other countries, the law recognizes the importance of […]

The latest divorce lawsuit form (or unilateral divorce)

14-07-23 MT & Partners

Based on the provisions of Clause 4 and 5, Article 189 of the Civil Procedure Code 2015, the divorce lawsuit must have the following contents: 4. The lawsuit must have […]

The latest divorce petition by mutual consent

14-07-23 MT & Partners

The case of requesting a divorce by mutual consent is a civil settlement, therefore, based on Clause 2 and 3,  Article 362 of the Civil Procedure Code 2015, the divorce […]

Raising someone else’s child due to wife’s adultery, husband is compensated for damages

22-06-23 MT & Partners

This is the content of Judgment No. 04/2020/DS-ST dated May 28, 2021 of the People’s Court of Thanh Ba district, Phu Tho province. Specifically: During the marriage with Mr. V, […]

Witnesses in civil proceedings

22-06-23 MT & Partners

Based on Article 77 of the Civil Procedure Code 2015, Witnesses are those who know the details related to the content of the case requested by the parties, the court […]

What are the rights of enterprises according to the provisions of the Enterprise Law 2020?

02-06-23 MT & Partners

The rights of enterprises are recognized and regulated in different legal documents from the Constitution to general laws (Civil Code, Civil Procedure Code) and specialized laws (Enterprise Law, Investment Law, […]

What are the characteristics of a single-member limited liability company?

02-06-23 MT & Partners

A single-member limited liability company is always the type of enterprise that is registered to establish the most among the types of enterprises in Vietnam. So what are the characteristics […]

Gilimex sues Amazon and the Fiduciary Duty Principle

02-06-23 MT & Partners

Recently, Binh Thanh Import Export Trading Joint Stock Company (Gilimex) filed a lawsuit against Services LLC (Amazon Robotic) at the Supreme Court of New York State. Gilimex is one […]

Protecting the Brand of Enterprises in Vietnam

02-06-23 MT & Partners

A business develops its products, services, and brands through trademarks, industrial designs … to bring them to consumers, therefore, in the process of development, there are unavoidable disputes over trademark […]

Deposit agreement for buying real estate and important notes

31-05-23 MT & Partners

Based on Article 328 of the Civil Code 2015, deposit is the act of one party (called the depositing party) delivering to the other party (called the receiving party) a […]