Procedure of getting divorce quickly

02-06-23 MTParners

Divorce is something that no marriage wants to happen. At the same time, the divorce procedure at the court also takes a lot of time and preparation by the parties involved. Meanwhile, many litigants do not have legal knowledge and enough time to pursue a prolonged court case. Therefore, MT & Partners provides a fast divorce service package in Ho Chi Minh City.

The fast divorce dossier includes:

• Consensual petition or Unilateral divorce petition;

• Certificate of residence of wife or husband (depending on the dossier);

• Personal papers of the petitioner;

• Birth certificate of common child (if any);

• Documents on property of husband and wife (if any).

MT & Partners supports customers in drafting and preparing all types of documents and papers to file divorce cases at the court; quickly resolve divorce cases at the court.

Processing time: from 15 to 30 days.

Coming to MT & Partners, all legal issues of customers will be solved QUICKLY – SIMPLY – SAVING.

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